High Class Living is a fictional American Drama television series created by Josh A. Murphy.

The series stars Reid Scott as Garry Goodwin, the son of a multimillionaire, and his family as they struggle with addictions, affairs, and other struggles that high class people encounter. The series originally aired in 2014, and a second series was quickly renewed. Series two is currently airing.

The series was well received by Critics, and has been nominated for several awards. The series also boasts strong Nielson ratings.

Development Edit

The series was planned together with Josh Murphy and Elizabeth Jones after the success of Murphy's first Television programme, The Living Dead. The initial idea was to create a series based around a fictionalised version of Dan Bilzarian, however this soon changed - instead it was decided to focus on an entire family, portraying each of their problems and inner demons.

Murphy created the first episode, and after positive reviews, the series was ordered for a ten part season. After five episodes, the series was renewed for a second. After all ten episodes of the first season had aired, High Class Living received extremely positive reviews and was nominated for several awards.

The second season is currently in development.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

The Goodwins



Keeping Up Appearences

The Babysitter


Table of Lies

Falling Down

Blood and Tears

Things To Come

Season Two Edit

Rock Bottom

The Trial









Cast Edit

Main Edit

Garry Goodwin

Trevor Goodwin

Elizabeth Goodwin

Monica Goodwin

Liam Goodwin

Lucy Goodwin

Georgia Goodwin

Supporting Edit

Jimmy Bullandre

Gareth Ezla

Brian Murphy

Lisa Reyes

William Nuggentt

Antonio Reyes

Harry Dundee